Where the UK’s Largest Gardens Are

For many UK residents, the need for garden space is high on a list of must-haves for a new home. Whether it’s to entertain guests, grow a dream flower garden or provide space for outdoor exercise, it proves to be important in a variety of ways.

However, large garden space isn’t always complimentary to homes, giving consumers the chance to test their landscaping skills to create a stunning outside area.

ConservatoryLand have pulled together a study showing which UK cities have the biggest garden spaces on average, also highlighting thee average house prices to ask whether paying for more gives you more.

Poole offers the biggest average garden space of all UK cities! 

Using government data, ConservatoryLand analysed 50 UK cities to determine which offer the highest average square meter of garden space, taking into account three different postcodes within the area. Below show the findings.

RankCityAverage Garden Size (m2)Average House Price (£)Number of Properties for Sale
8Milton Keynes190£296,9891,101

Our study found that the Southern town of Poole offers the highest square meter of garden area per house at 490 square meters. With house prices averaging £345,000, Poole sits in the middle range of typical prices across the UK.

Ranking second in the findings was Dundee. At 249 square meters of garden space, it’s nearly half of what Poole offers – but this also comes with a benefit. House prices are 50% cheaper in the city, averaging £179,000. With just 97 properties currently listed for sale, it proves to be a popular destination for homebuyers.

Brighton beats London to the smallest garden sizes in the UK!

RankCityAverage Garden Size (m2)Average House Price (£)Number of Properties for Sale

Does spending more on property give you more garden space?

During the study, ConservatoryLand looked into the average house prices of each UK city to see if there was a correlation between price and the size of garden space.

They found that:

  • Birkenhead has the lowest average house prices at £121,886 whilst offering a respectable average garden size of 112 square meters.
  • To no surprise, the study found that London has the highest average house prices, but offers just 35 square meters of garden space on average – just over three times less than Birkenhead.
  • Dundee ranks as the best value for money alongside garden size offering. Average house prices sit at £179,278 whilst offering 249 square meters of garden space, the second-highest in the study.

Written by: Houseladder