Rogue landlord clobbered with ‘record’ five figure fine

A rogue landlord has been hit with a bill of £48,000 – a record for the council which brought the prosecution.

Tariq Javed from Aylesbury failed to comply with House of Multiple Occupancy regulations for his property in the town. The house was regularly inspected by officers from Buckinghamshire council, from October 2019 through to February last year, with multiple warnings that it did not meet minimum standards.

Offences included non-working fire detection unit, obstructed fire escape routes, trip hazards and lack of lighting on staircase and other escape routes. Javed also failed to comply with notices to provide legal documents such as tenancy agreements and gas safety certificates. Finally, he failed to comply with an improvement notice to bring the property up to an acceptable standard.

Javed failed to appear before a court to explain his actions and was fined £48,000 which included over £6,000 in costs at Buckinghamshire Magistrates Court. 

Upon conviction the magistrate commented: “Within the property hygiene was woefully lacking, it was uninhabitable. The kitchen was unfit for use, the gas supply was a risk and there was danger of electrocution. Importantly the escape routes were cluttered and dangerous due to trip hazards and a child could fall through the gaps in the staircase bannister.”

A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire council says: “Mr Javed failed in his duty as a landlord to provide decent, safe and clean accommodation for his tenants. He did not comply with legal requests from council officers to carry out the works needed to improve the property. 

“We hope this substantial fine sends the loud and clear message to any landlord who puts profits ahead of people that we will always take action to protect our residents”

Written by: Houseladder