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How To Save Property Tax


“How To Save Property Tax” is widely regarded as THE tax bible for property investors.

The 21st edition has just been published (September 2017) and is completely up to date with all the major property tax changes announced in 2015,2016 and 2017.

Using a Property Company to Save Tax

tc-usingpropertycomany2PUBLISHED MAY 2017 – 100% UP TO DATE

This unique guide tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about using a company to invest in property.

The potential tax savings are significant. For example, in one case study we show that using a company could result in a 66% increase in your after-tax income!

A recent tax case means that it could now be possible to transfer many existing property businesses into a company and make enormous tax savings (running into hundreds or thousands of pounds in some cases).

Landlords Interest

tc-landlordsinterest2In the July 2015 Budget the Government dropped a tax bombshell on landlords who own residential property.

Starting in April 2017 landlords will no longer enjoy full tax reflief on their mortgage interest. As a result many will pay thousands of pounds more income tax.

This guide explains how the new rues will operate and what you can do the beat the tax increase.

Using a Company to Save Tax

tc-companytosavetax2Using a company could easily save you over £10,000 in tax every year…possibly over £40,000.


Firstly, corporation tax rates are generally much lower than personal tax rates.

Second, company owners can pay themselves dividends which are taxed much less heavily than other types of income.

Third, setting up a company with your spouse or partner allows you to split your income, which almost always results in a lower tax bill.

Salary vs Dividends

tc-salarydividends2This unique tax guide shows company owners how to save thousands of pounds in tax every year by choosing the best mix of salary and dividends.

It also shows you how to slash your tax bill further using directors’ loans, company pensions contributions, rent, interest and other powerful profit extraction strategies.

Small Business Tax Saving Tatics

tc-smallbusinesstax2This unique guide is essential reading for self-employed business owners typically sole traders and partnerships, who want to pay less tax.

It contains 50 chapters of practical, tried and tested tax saving techniques that your business can implement year-in, year-out, illustrated with easy to follow examples.

Inheritance Tax Planning

tc-inheritancetax2Effective inheritance tax planning could save your family hundreds of thousands of pounds.

This comprehensive yet easy to read guide tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about protecting your assets from the tax man.

Pension Magic

tc-pensionmagic2Pension Magic shows you how to build a big retirement pot by claiming thousands of pounds of EXTRA tax relief on your pension contributions.

It contains full details of ALL the major pension changes that have taken place over the past 24 months.

Non Resident and Offshore Tax Planning

tc-offshore2This guide shows you how to pay less tax if you are non-U resident or non-domiciled. It also explains how offshore companies and offshore trusts can be used to save tax.

Non-Resident & Offshore Tax Planning was described in an editorial in the The Times as an “authoritative review of the topic”.