Where people want to live (and where they want to leave)

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It’s probably not a surprise but new research has revealed where people want to move to – as well as where they most badly want to move away from.

Research by Barclays Mortgages shows that almost a third of people in Birmingham and London strongly wish to leave and move to greener areas – the highest figures in the country.

And in terms of where people want to move to, the clear winner is the south west of England, with parts of Wales and Scotland as runners up.

Barclays employs a behavioural scientist, Dr Peter Brooks, to assess patterns of house moving and changing buyer aspirations. 

“This research indicates an aspiration for a big move and complete lifestyle change. More outside space and the benefits of being closer to friends and family are high on the ‘must have’ list for many movers. As working from home becomes more commonplace moving cross-country looks to be more achievable for many as there is less of a need to be within a short commute to the office” he says. 

“If the findings of this research are reflected in the housing market, we could well see a trend for people to leave urban areas in favour of more rural locations.”

Also quantified in the research, although unsurprising in principle, are buyers’ desires to live near or with outdoor space, within close proximity of essential services, closer to relatives, and somewhere with a stronger local community.

Barclays’ survey was of 2,000 adults across the UK.

Over a quarter of those polled stated a preference to be close to the seaside, and similar amounts wished to live in more rural areas.

Top ten cities homeowners wish to leave post-lockdownTop location(s) residents wish to move to
Birmingham (32 per cent)South-West (24 per cent) or Wales (22 per cent)
London (30 per cent)South-West (20 per cent)
Leeds (28 per cent)Scotland and South-East (19 per cent each)
Norwich (27 per cent)Wales (20 per cent)
Nottingham (25 per cent)South-west (26 per cent)
Sheffield (21 per cent)East Midlands and North East (14 per cent each)
Liverpool (21 per cent)Scotland (25 per cent)
Manchester (20 per cent)North East, South West, Wales and Yorkshire and Humber (15 per cent each)
Glasgow (20 per cent)South East (18 per cent)
Newcastle (19 per cent)Scotland (47 per cent) and Yorkshire and the Humber (33 per cent)

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Written by: Houseladder

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