What a perfect property should have

Top 10 attributes people want in the perfect home

A survey by Zoopla has detailed the top 10 attributes people want in a perfect home.

Lawrence Hall of Zoopla said: “Our taste in houses say a lot about us as a nation and it seems Brits are as modest as ever. Forget chocolate-box cottages, swimming pools and sweeping drives – our ideal homes are practical and best suited for our family lives.

“Clearly proximity to a well-connected train station or motorway is crucial as more of us are now looking to cut down our daily commute. When looking for a property, finding the right balance between a comfortable, spacious home and a convenient commute to work is evidently more of a priority for Brits than finding a mansion in France, or Malibu beach house”.

Top 10 attributes are
1. Modern, detached property
2. 3.5 bedrooms
3. Two bathrooms
4. Within one mile of the nearest town or city
5. South facing lawned garden
6. Conservatory
7. Garage
8. Plenty of storage space
9. Half an hour commute to work
10. Close to transport links and a local shop

Written by: Houseladder