UK Map showing average house price by train station

This map shows the average house price near all the major stations on the capital’s train network

The map, by property company eMoov, reveals huge disparities between areas, with prices plummeting just by moving from Zone 1 to Zone 2.

It shows the average property price for somewhere near one of the capital’s 14 main rail terminals is just over £1 million.

But, by moving slightly further out to near Clapham Junction, that figure falls to £711,000.

Further east, in Zones 2 and 3, Stratford’s average price is around half that – only £359,000.

Russell Quirk Founder & CEO, states

“Although it is essentially a bit of fun, it’s always interesting to see which pockets of the nation are outperforming the rest from a property point of view, as well as the big jumps between stations. For example, a property around Kirkham and Wesham station will set you back over £200,000, one stop down the line to Blackpool North and this drops to just £82,000.”

“The latest trend for homeowners in London has been to forsake the capital’s inflated property market for the commuter belt surrounding it. But when you look elsewhere in the country there are other examples of homeowners opting to live outside larger cities to save on the price of their property. This property rail map allows you to visualise these.”

“Making the choice to commute one stop from Thornaby into Middlesbrough can save you nearly £40,000. One stop from Swansea to Llanelli means paying over £30,000 less for a property. Even far down west, one stop from Newquay to Par saves you nearly £70,000!”


Written by: Houseladder