UK leader in broadband in Europe

Broadband is now as important as oxygen for many and the UK is leading Europe

In the press MPs are calling for a breakup of BT and Openreach to end an monopoly but is this based on emotions rather than facts. The report Ofcom’s European Broadband scorecard shows that the UK has some of the fastest speeds, cheapest prices and most coverage compared to other European countries.

Gavin Patterson is chief executive of BT stated in the Telegraph yesterday “The Openreach model has served the UK well, with companies such as Sky and TalkTalk building a combined base of around 10 million customers thanks to regulated access to BT’s network, while Virgin’s own fibre network covers half the country. I hear the claims that others can’t compete with BT, but the numbers speak for themselves – BT has just a third of the retail market.”

However consumers can make significant savings by switching suppliers.

Written by: Houseladder