UK landlords say property damage is the worst thing for tenants to leave behind

Whether it’s unpaid rent, unwanted furniture or a general mess in the property, tenants can leave all sorts of unwanted things in their wake when they move out of a property.

They all cause nuisance, but a new survey by Simply Business has revealed the one thing landlords hate to see more than anything else after a tenant has left: property damage.

40 per cent of landlords hate property damage the most

Out of all the respondents, 40 per cent said the worst thing for a tenant to leave behind is damage to the property.

Whether it’s stains on the carpet, damage to fixtures and fittings, or something more severe, property damage can be an expensive problem to fix. While your tenant’s deposit may cover some of the cost of repairs, if the damage is extensive then the deposit may not cover the costs.

It’s best to have a comprehensive landlord insurance policy in place before tenants move in, as it can help pay for repairs and replacements should you find yourself needing them later on. Accidental damage cover can help pay the costs for damage your tenants inadvertantly caused to your property, while some insurers offer malicious damage cover for cases where your tenants caused damage on purpose. Make sure you check your policy wording for terms and conditions, as well as details of what is covered.

Mess and unpaid rent are also concerns

Unpaid rent or bills came in second place in the poll, with 30 per cent of landlords saying it was the worst thing for tenants to leave when they move out of a property. Meanwhile, 23 per cent of respondents said a messy property was their least favourite thing to find.

Unpaid rent can be covered if you include tenant default cover as part of your landlord insurance policy. As for mess, if you find you need to clean the house yourself, check out our landlord DIY articles on how to deep clean a kitchen, how to unblock a drain and how to remove mould from your property.

Unwanted furniture was only an annoyance for 7 per cent of landlords, but one commenter said tenants had once left behind a 10 foot trampoline. Not the easiest thing to clear away!

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