Tony and Cherie Blairs £27 million property empire

The Blairs have amassed a fortune in property since leaving the post as Prime Minister

Tony and Cherie Blair hold a property portfolio of approximately 10 houses and 27 flats to the value of about £27 million.

There first property was a modest £30,000 home in their Sedgefield constituency which they bought in 1983 sold in 2009 for £275,000 making a healthy profit even though this was just after the property crash.

They have also been able to help their four children onto the property ladder helping them all buy properties. Their daughter Kathryn owns a house in Marylebone worth £1.4m and one in Buckinghamshire worth over £700,000. Euan and ex banker owns property worth over £2.2 million bringing in an estimated £162,000 a year in rent. Nicky a football agent owns a home in London worth about £2m with planning permission for an extension.

The Blairs own home in London a Georgian townhouse in Connaught Square is estimated to be worth £8.5m (Picture above).

Cherie Blairs Law firm has been employed by a consortium of Landlords to fight the conservative government over the new tax changes impacting Landlords and restricting the ability to offset mortgage interest against income.

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Written by: Houseladder