Third of Britons will try to delay their house move until their broadband is activated

The research, carried out by fibre to the premises provider Hyperoptic, polled 3,000 UK residents to get an insight into how broadband provision is affecting the property sector.

The survey found that many Britons are checking the available broadband services in their potential new home before they move.

More than two thirds of Brits (69%) now check their broadband speed before moving home – up 8% from a similar study in 2015.

And 33% will try to put back their moving date until their service is activated, potentially delaying thousands of house moves, the research revealed.

The respondents said they expect 18Mbps as a minimum and would be put off buying a property if they saw that it received less than 9Mbps.

And they are even prepared to pay a premium for far higher speeds, with respondents claiming they would be prepared to spend 11% more for a property with 100Mbps broadband.

Steve Holford, chief customer officer at Hyperoptic, said: “In the UK the broadband provision is more of a postcode lottery than a guarantee.

“It’s good to see so many more Brits taking the time to check what services are available before they make an offer on a property, rather than moving in and being very disappointed.” has reported extensively on the issue of broadband in new-build houses and has been contacted by hundreds of people left without any connection after moving into a brand-new home.

Digital minister Ed Vaizey recently told the Culture, Media and Sport select committee that he had been left exasperated by ‘laborious’ negotiations between Openreach and housing developers to broker a deal to supply new-build homes with fibre broadband.

‘A fundamental shift’

Hyperoptic’s survey found that fast broadband is now seen as important as, or more important than, many other items on homemovers’ wish lists.

62% believe it is equal to or more important than an extra bedroom and a further 62% said broadband is equal to or more important than a garden. 60% said it was equal to or more important than nice neighbours.

51% put broadband up with, or higher than, a swimming pool on their list of priorities, while the same percentage put it equal to or more important than local transport links.

46% believe decent broadband is equal to more important than a gym, with 45% putting it on a par with, or more important, than nice local restaurants.

Mr Holford added: “The fact that, for the vast majority of Brits, hyperfast broadband provision now rates alongside local amenities and property features, represents a fundamental shift for the property sector.

“For many years broadband has been considered a ‘techy’ issue or, at best, ‘a nice to have’ – it’s time for the property sector to get up to speed on the increasingly important role of connectivity, so that house movers receive the right information from the outset.”

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Written by: Houseladder