The Great British holiday pastime – it’s looking in estate agents’ windows

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It’s wet – so what do staycation holidaymakers do to make the best of things?

According to that great British institution the Daily Mash, they look in estate agents’ windows.

In fact, come rain or shine, that is what they do each and every holiday.

They gaze in estate agents’ windows for 20 minutes at a time, looking at properties they will never buy, and taking a particular interest in their prices.

Nikki Hollis, holidaying on the Yorkshire coast, said: “Not cheap around here. £280k for a two-bed bungalow that needs work. Still I bet the schools are good.

“A lot more affordable than bloody Cornwall last year. Three hundred and fifty grand for a two-bed terrace with ‘sea glimpses’. We talked about that all day and eventually the kids joined in. It was much better than going to the beach.

“Ah, that year we went to Shropshire? Fantastic fortnight. In Oswestry you’re getting three beds for under two hundred. Shame the area was so shit.”

Julian Cook, holidaying in Wales, said: “It’s different for us. Being from London, we could easily turn our two-bed flat over a chip shop into a palatial coastal property.

“But we can’t because of our idiotic metropolitan jobs and pathetic urban lifestyle.”

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Written by: Houseladder