Tenants putting contents at risk with lack of insurance

More than a third of renters haven’t taken out contents insurance for their possessions.

Analysis by insurance provider Trōv has found that 37 per cent of UK renters “haven’t got around to” taking out insurance but intend to take it out in the future

Another 31 per cent said the reason they don’t have contents insurance is because they are hoping they will never need it.

A fifth are hopeful that their flatmate has it, while 12 per cent don’t know anything about the cover.

Of those who do have contents insurance, 18 per cent said their landlord or property management company arranged it.

Benjamin Hindson, director of global insurance solutions at Trōv, said: “It always seems a little defeatist to plan for a ‘worst case scenario’, but in reality this is the pragmatic thing to do; it is reassuring for renters to know they are supported in any eventuality.

“It is surprising for us to see that 12% of UK renters don’t know anything about contents insurance, and this proves that we still have work to do.”

Written by: Houseladder