Tenant evictions record high

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In 2015 over 170 tenants were evicted from their rental properties every day in England and Wales

Last year 2015 saw a record number of tenants evicted according to Ministry of Justice figures with 42,728 households forcibly removed. This is an increase of 53% compared to 2010 and is blamed on welfare cuts and the shortage of affordable homes for the 2% rise in repossessions over the year.

In England, 19,093 evictions were by social landlords, such as housing associations, while 5,919 were by private landlords. A further 16,440 were made through the “accelerated procedure”, which can be used by either type of landlord to evict tenants on assured shorthold tenancies.

The highest rate of evictions is in London with London borough of Newham evicting 191 tenants for every 100,000 houses. 16 of the top 20 boroughs for eviction are in Lonond.

Campbell Robb, the chief executive of housing charity Shelter, said the figures were “clear proof of the devastating impact that welfare cuts and the chronic shortage of affordable homes are having on hundreds of renters every day. Successive governments have failed to build enough genuinely affordable homes, and short-sighted welfare cuts are only making things tougher.”

The shadow housing minister, John Healey, said the figures “expose just how difficult life has become for millions of renters after Conservative ministers’ five years of failure on housing”.

He said the figures could be “just the tip of the iceberg”, as some tenants could be losing their homes without going through the court process.

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