Rent controls set to be introduced in two cities

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Rent controls set to be introduced in two cities – a ‘step in right direction’ says politician

Rent controls look set to be reintroduced in the UK

There is a proposal to bring in city-wide rent controls in Glasgow, while Edinburgh is likely to follow suit.

In April the Scottish government announced that legislation would give councils powers to create rent controls in ‘rent pressure zones’.

That power comes into effect in December and Glasgow SNP councillor Ruari Kelly has already put forward a motion to examine the feasibility of bringing in rent controls across the city.

It would mean rents would be capped for up to five years at the consumer price index plus 1%.

Cllr Kelly said the cost of private rents had risen 24% in five years, with the average rent in Glasgow now £755 per month.

Kelly said: “Rent pressure zones will give those in the private rental sector security in the knowledge that they will not have large increases in their rent sprung on them, while the city gets on with the task of building the affordable housing Glasgow needs.

“While this will not be the answer to all of the housing issues we face, it is a step in the right direction.”

Edinburgh City Council has confirmed it intends using the new power.

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Written by: Houseladder