Purplebricks ads confront ‘best price’ issue and mock High Street rivals

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Controversial new Purplebricks advertisements on social media mock traditional estate agents who “twiddle their thumbs” in offices and claim the hybrid agency is incentivised to get the best price because it wants more positive reviews on Trustpilot.

The videos – each 30 to 45 seconds long and posted on YouTube by Purplebricks UK and separately by Purplebricks in Australia – start with an actor saying “So Purplebricks…” or “OK Purplebricks…” and asking the agency a question.

One video, which has received around 500,000 views on YouTube, depicts a track-suited woman lounging on a sofa fearing that using the hybrid agency would mean she must “do everything myself”. It then goes on to explain how Local Property Experts would “manage every aspect of your sales wherever and whenever you need.”

It is not unusual for Purplebricks to use its ads to take a swipe at traditional agents and this is no exception. Towards the end of the ad the voiceover says: “We think that’s far better than then them twiddling their thumbs in an office on the high street”.

On the ‘Why Bother To Get The Best Price’ video – the most watched video with around a million views – the agency claims that it does not require commission to ensure a vendor gets the best price. Instead it says getting the best price will generate a good review and “more positive reviews mean more customers”.

The third new video has an actor suggesting it might be safer for a sellers to go with “one of the big dogs” instead of a new agency; in response, the voiceover says Purplebricks is now one of the big dogs thanks to thousands of customers using its services each year.

The final video – on the agency’s website but not yet posted on social media – an actor asks whether Purplebricks’ charges mean that it offers a lesser service when compared with traditional rivals: the voiceover explains the agency does not have the overheads associated with High Street offices.

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Written by: Houseladder