NPower cuts standard gas price by 5.2%

4th big 6 supplier to recently cut the price of standard gas from 28th March

Following similar reductions from other big 6 suppliers including SSE, ScottishPower and E.on NPower is the 4th big 6 supplier to reduce the cost of their standard gas by 5.2% even though there has been a massive wholesale price reductions over the last few years.

Energyhelpline stated “The change in price will see a typical npower standard tariff dual fuel customer pay £1,077 a year on average, when the price change comes into effect. This is still hundreds of pounds more than the suppliers own cheapest deal, the npower Fixed Energy Online March 2017 which costs just £782 a year on average at typical consumption.”

Mark Todd, director of energyhelpline, said, “Suppliers could be doing much more for their loyal customers; they appear to not even be passing on half of the savings they are getting. If you want a cold home and a big bill stick with the other 70% on an overpriced standard tariff. If you want a reasonable price and a warm home you must take a few minutes to switch. The UK energy market is a ruthless place, if you don’t shop around, you will get ripped off. The government and regulator will not protect you; you must protect yourself.”

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Written by: Houseladder