New London Mayors Landlord Private licencing under fire

Mayor Khan comes attacked by National Landlords Association (NLA)

The Nationals Landlords Association has suggested the new London Mayor uses his £17 billion budget to help Londons private rental sector.

“Instead of wasting millions of pounds on a bureaucratic London wide licensing scheme, which criminals will not sign up to, the mayor should use the budget at his disposal to fund enforcement across the capital. This would demonstrate that Mr Khan is genuinely committed to action and partnership rather [than] unwelcome and unhelpful adversarial politics” says NLA chief executive Richard Lambert.

“Despite this we have seen little from this election campaign that demonstrates anything but disdain for private landlords and the homes they provide. We call upon Mr Khan to work with the NLA to achieve a targeted crackdown on criminal landlords.” says Lambert.

London boroughs already have the power to enforce standards and prosecute landlords but they often don’t have the money, says the association.

“Criminals will not sign up to costs licensing schemes, the Mayor’s priority must be funding targeted enforcement programmes resulting in tangible benefits for local communities.”

Written by: Houseladder