Many homeowners think selling process is getting worse

A new survey says 80 per cent of homeowners believe the process of buying a house has remained largely the same or has actually worsened during their lifetime.

Meanwhile just over three quarters also believe the service provided by agents and other players in the industry has also declined or remained static.

The survey was of 1,109 homeowners conducted in the middle of this month.

When asked whether they thought the buying process changed over their lifetime, 56 per cent said that it stayed the same, 24 per cent said it declined, and just a fifth said it had improved.

When asked to comment on the quality of the service provided by the industry, 50 per cent said it had not changed in their lifetime and 27 per cent felt it had declined; only 23 per cent said it had improved.

Of those surveyed, 30 per cent confirmed they have only purchased one home in their lifetime. A further 28 per cent had bought two homes and 41 per cent had bought three or more.

Silas J Lees of PropTech firm WiggyWam, which commissioned the survey, says: “For the general public who move, on average, every 23 years, it’s no surprise they find the process complex and frustrating, packed with opportunities to get their fingers burnt. It’s inevitable that these emotions become associated with the ones actually working to help them buy or sell – estate agents.

“But we now live in a time where being self-serving or opaque in our practices is no longer accepted by the consumer and agents have listened and changed.”

He says buyers should not rely on stereotypes and gossip when selecting a selling agent, but instead seek reviews or independent advice services.

Written by: Houseladder