London drops of top 10 list of places to invest

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For the 1st time in 12 years London is no longer in the top ten places to invest in Europe

A report by PWC and the Urban Land Institute titled ‘Emerging Trends in real estate’ has listed London at position 15 out of 28 European cities, the first time in 12 years it has dropped out of the top 10.

The results are from over 500 surveys of property investors and professionals asking them to rank these cities based on investment opportunity.

These results do not say that London is a poor investment, just that there are other cities with more potential. London still attracts more investment than any other city with over £32.5bn invested in Q3 2015. London always attracts money during times of uncertainty and experiences growth as investors feel it is a safe bet. Now there are other cities giving better yields.

Birmingham is at position 6 in the top 10 due to rising rents, increase in IT companies and the investment in new infrastructure.

The top 10 cities in Europe to invest were found to be

1. Berlin
2. Hamburg
3. Dublin
4. Madrid
5. Copenhagen
6. Birmingham
7. Lisbon
8. Milan
9. Amsterdam
10. Munich

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Written by: Houseladder