Legal challenge to buy-to-let tax fundraising

Landlords continue to fight government on new buy-to-let tax require £50,000

Having already raised £50,000 to start a legal fight against the government with Cherie Blairs law firm, Steve Bolton and fellow landlord Chris Cooper have launched another round of fundraising with a goal to raise a further £50,000.

The change in tax stops landlords from offsetting mortgage interest against rental income resulting in them paying larger tax bills.

In a statement to supporters the two landlords say: “With your continued financial backing and support, we plan to take the Government all the way to court and fight the strongest case that we can.

“Please spread the word far and wide amongst your community, especially fellow landlords, tenants, letting agents and others who will be adversely effected by this ludicrous legislation.”

“Our application to the court for a Judicial Review was lodged in mid February. A joint response came back from HMRC and the Treasury by way of their Acknowledgment of Service. We worked closely with our lawyers and have sent a robust response to the courts to counter the issues raised. We are now waiting for the court to rule whether we have permission to proceed to a full Judicial Review hearing” say the campaigners.

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Written by: Houseladder