Landlords make £80,000 in illegal rent

A pair of rogue landlords raked in £80,000-a-year in rent after cramming 31 Indian migrants into a squalid four-bedroom house

Brent Council officials compared the £500,000 north London property, which is only licensed for seven people, to a “shanty town”. They swooped on the crammed house in Wembley last Thursday. The only woman resident was found sleeping in a rat-infested shack in the garden.
One hotel worker who lived there for three months, paying £65 a week, said: “Some people came here after seeing adverts placed in off licences.

“Others heard about it through word of mouth, after being tipped off by friends or other landlords.

“It was cheap while it lasted, but now we’ve been told we have to move out. I have somewhere I can go but many others don’t.”

Another said: “I was moving out anyway because of how many people are here. It’s crazy.”

Cllr Harbi Farah vowed to tackle slum landlords, saying: “We’ve seen pest-ridden slums and even beds in sheds before, but this is a new low.

“The shack looks like something you would expect to see in a Hollywood depiction of a shanty town, not Zone 4 of London.

“The people who pay the heaviest price are the tenants, who pay over the odds for substandard accommodation and live in cramped, hazardous conditions.”

The houseis owned by Harsha and Chandni Shah, according to reports. The pair, 51 and 27, are believed to own two other properties in London.

For the past two years the mother and daughter have let the house to two men, aged 34 and 26. Their whereabouts were unknown yesterday.

A spokesman for the family told the Sun: “We were out of the country and didn’t know what was going on.”

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Written by: Houseladder