Kill housing bill protest

1000s marched in London against the proposed housing bill will make it harder to rent for social housing

Protestors marched in London to demonstrate against the new proposed controversial housing bill on Sunday, a bill that many believe is an “all out attack on council housing”.

The bill proposes

  • End to secure tenancy agreements for social renters and council tenants
  • Force councils to sell high value rented properties
  • Council property for life to end and each tenant to reapply after 5 years
  • Introduction of pay to stay.  Councils tenants who can afford to pay real market rates rentals will have their rents increase.


James Murray, the Labour councillor in charge of housing in the London Borough of Islington, told Sky News the combination of laws would “hollow out” inner London.

“It’s an all-out attack on council housing. We can’t underestimate the effect this is going to have,” he said.

“This is going to mean that places like inner London are going to be hollowed out because homes which are considered to be high value by the Government will be forcibly sold off on the open market, meaning that the amount of homes we have to let to people on low or middle incomes will be dramatically reduced.”

A spokesman for DCLG said: “More council housing has been built since 2010 than in the previous 13 years.

“The Housing Bill makes sure we make the best use of social housing based on need and income, while reinvesting in building new homes.

“Furthermore we have set out the biggest, boldest and most ambitious plan for housing in a generation, including £8 billion to deliver over 400,000 affordable homes.”

Written by: Houseladder