Just one in five of those renting get on with their landlords

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Only a fifth of tenants get on with their landlords, according to a new study by Hillarys.co.uk, as part of ongoing research into Britons attitudes towards renting over buying a home.

The study by the home interiors specialist suggests that many tenants fall out with their landlords, partly because they are difficult to get hold of and not always willing to fix things when they need doing.

Over two fifths – 44% – of the near 2,400 renters surveyed said that they dislike their situation, in particular having to request permission to decorate or put up shelves and photos, or the landlord not fixing things in the home in a timely manner.

Almost half – 46% – of respondents said that they would like to save to buy a property whilst they are renting but financially can’t afford to do so.

Only 5% stated that they ‘loved’ renting and preferred it to owning a property.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for www.Hillarys.co.uk, commented: “When you’re renting, a good relationship with your landlord is what everyone’s hoping for. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and some landlords can be difficult.

“The results here are clear – landlords need to be easier to work with for the sake and tenants and harmony on both parts.”

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Written by: Houseladder