Home owners in UK willing to pay more for character properties

Owners in the UK seeking a character home want properties with high ceilings, original fireplaces and wood burning stoves and will pay more for these features, a new survey has found.

Some 11% named the AGA cooker at their most desirable home feature and they were willing to pay on average £700 more for a home with one while some would pay over £1,000.

Original flooring was another top desire with 9% seeking this feature but not all character features are seen as fashionable to home owners, with only 2% willing to pay a premium for ceiling roses and just 3% lusting after sash windows.

The survey for fuel distributor Heatingoil.co,uk, found that some of the most sought after character features, such as wood burning stoves, are now not only considered a must have home accessory but can often prove cost effective.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, wood burning stoves are cheaper to run than other heating options and have lower emissions, as long as the fuel is sourced locally.

The survey also found that people want to add character to their home. Some 49% believe features help them to express their own personal style while 29% believe it would add value to their home and a quarter of 18 to 24 year olds saw character features as a status symbol.

As well as an AGA, home owners are willing to pay more for high ceilings, sash windows, beams and a stone with the date of construction with on average some £740, £680, £580 and £450 being paid respectively.

Some are even willing to give up on space in order to have these character features. Almost a quarter said they were willing to give up a basement and 13% said they wouldn’t mind missing out on having a conservatory in return for a bit of character and charm.

Furthermore, some 9% would sacrifice transport links and the same number give up proximity to amenities in return for a home with character features.

‘There was once a trend for ripping out features in old homes to make the way for dust free minimalism, but we are glad that people are falling in love again with character features,’ said Angus Blundell, director of marketing at Heatingoil.co.uk.

‘Many home owners now see character features as luxurious and are putting wood burning stoves, AGAs and roll top baths back in their homes. These are not only coveted home accessories but often sensible options in terms of energy. AGAs and wood burning stoves not only look great but they are brilliant for heating,’ he added.

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Written by: Houseladder