Fast broadband now considered ‘crucial’

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With most of us using multiple digital devices and streaming everything from TV shows and music to computer games and powerpoint presentations, fast internet connectivity is now one of the first services that people look for in a new home.

Whether for work, study or entertainment reasons, a reliable and affordable broadband connection is something that may prospective renters simply cannot live without.

According to a new survey of 2,115 Brits, homeowners commissioned by broadbandchoices, a broadband, mobile, and TV comparison site, a fast broadband connection is the third most important factor for people when choosing an area to live in.

The study found that 69% of people consider fast broadband connection an important factor when choosing a new area to live in.

Additionally, 78% said that a good internet connection is important to them due to accessing streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

Respondents claimed that a fast and reliable broadband connection was more important than living close to good nurseries and schools (57%), friends and relatives (38%) and shops and amenities (35%).

The poll found that accessing streaming services is the main reason people need a good internet connection, followed by communicating via social media, WhatsApp and email (62%), online shopping (57%) and being able to work from home (25%).

Mark Pocock, home communication expert at broadbandchoices, said: “Moving to a new house can be a problematic and stressful time, and these results emphasise how crucial a reliable and fast broadband connection can be to reduce any further needless roadblocks in the way of a smooth transition to a new area.

“Without an internet connection, many can feel disconnected and inconvenienced.”

He added: “The broadbandchoices regional speed checker is a useful tool to assist in this before you move, helping to discover the best deals for broadband in your area, and hopefully avoiding any additional disruption to the homeowners moving experience.”

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