Brits spend £36K on decorating their home

A new study has found that Brits will redecorate their home 36 times throughout their lifetime, spending a whopping £36,205 in the process.

The study, conducted on behalf of Anglian Home Improvements, found that all this (re)decorating can add up to more than just a hefty fee. The average home improvement job took survey participants 18 days, adding up to almost two years that the typical Brit will spend decorating in their lifetime.

All this constant change highlights how quickly Brits fall out of love with their current interiors, with 23% currently decorating and 55% planning to give their home a makeover within the next 12 months, while 45% view their home as a constant work-in-progress. In contrast, only 22% said they love their home just the way it is.

Some rooms in the house are given more attention than others, with 33% putting both bathrooms and living rooms at the top of the list for redecoration, while 32% plan to tackle their kitchen next and 25% are planning to revamp their master bedroom. The rooms that were lowest on the list for redecorating are the conservatory, cloakroom, ensuite and utility room, possibly due to these being the rooms that people spend the least time in.

Unsurprisingly, more than a quarter (28%) of respondents got their home improvement inspiration from home decorating TV shows, while a quarter found inspiration by looking around their friends’ houses. This inspiration only sometimes leads us astray, with people on average regretting a new style or colour only 1.7 times, which is not a lot when considering the average of 36 redecorations undertaken during a lifetime.

This number of regrets is much lower than the number of arguments that decorating together brings about, with the average standing at 3.2, showing that there’s more than financial concerns to consider when deciding to decorate. The person who decides, having the final say, is still more often the woman (47%) than the man (37%), though this seems to be equalising.

If you’re thinking of redecorating any time soon, it is important not just to gain some expert advice on what décor suits you and your home best and consider your budget, but also to have a look at your home insurance policy to make sure you’re adequately covered. Any DIY comes with its share of risks, especially if you’re planning to change plumbing or electrical fixtures. Make sure you’re not voiding your insurance by undertaking work on your own, and see if you can get extra cover (such as accidental damage cover) to insure you against any decorating mishaps that may take place. Then at least you will have one thing less to stress or argue about.

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Written by: Houseladder