Birmingham named as one of the best places in the UK to invest in an Airbnb property

New research suggests that Birmingham has great potential for Airbnb investors.

A recent study has revealed that Birmingham has the second quickest return on investment for Airbnb properties in the UK.

Renting a property as an Airbnb in Birmingham will see, on average, the full value of the property paid off in just 38 months.

These figures show how Airbnb rentals could now be a much more attractive proposition for many landlords than traditional rental properties – as this study suggests that it takes 215 months to recuperate a properties value through private rental.

Birmingham is second only to Sheffield, where Airbnb properties take on average 38 months to recuperate full value.

This study by online realtor Nested has shown that the sharing economy has opened up new opportunities for landlords in Birmingham.

Although, those looking for rental properties may find it harder to find properties, as landlords may start to choose short term rentals through Airbnb rather than traditional private renting.

CEO of Nested, Matt Robinson said: “The rise of Airbnb is making it harder for renters to find properties as more landlords are preferring to rent to short term renters who pay a premium, but this is a great opportunity for those who have managed to fight their way onto the property ladder to make the most out of their property.”

Written by: Houseladder